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First of all, just from looking at the breadth of your work within this set (of Mega evolutions) there has been consistency in three ca...

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Joseph Jatta
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I am a digital artist who draws fanart, manga and writes =P.

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Cain by joeFJ
Cain is the main villain of BRAWLZ: Return of the Messiah.

Cain is a tragic character. For much of the story he operated under the guise of the Unnamed Man, an individual who would randomly appear and then disappear just before a disaster would occur. Cain was an enemy of the human race and did everything he could to destroy it. Cain's hatred for mankind stems from his rejection by his mother Eve, who allegedly conceived him through fornication with Death.

However the truth is, When Death was unable to tempt Eve, because Adam wouldn't allow him, Death sent a talking serpent into Paradise. The serpent made eye contact with Eve and placed her under an illusion. In that illusion, Eve made love to Death. Therefore when Eve got pregnant, she believed the child was Death's, so she abandoned the baby in the wilderness. When Adam found out what Eve had done, he sought for the child but never found the boy. Adam demanded why Eve did that, believing the baby was his son, and Eve confessed that she slept with Death and that boy was Death's son. Adam said that was impossible, but Eve insisted it was so.

Many years had passed, when a hooded man attacked Paradise. At this point Eve had a second son named Abel. Now Abel was the guardian of the garden in Paradise named Eden, and fought the hooded man that was trespassing into the sacred place of the sons of God (because outside of Paradise, Earth was infested with demons). However the hooded man killed Abel but was stopped by God, who exposed him as Cain, the son of Eve. Cain claimed to be the son of Death and was sent by Death to destroy Paradise and kill the offspring of Adam. Cain was cursed by God with an immortality of loneliness, sorrow and hatred, where he could befriend no one and could never die.

Cain spent the rest of his life making the children of Adam suffer. [Major spoiler alert]

During his final appearance in BRAWLZ: Return of the Messiah Cain fuses with Death and fights against Adam in his Glorified state. Adam kills Death but spares Cain. As Adam dies (since entering his Glorified state in his fallen body consumes all his life force) he tells Cain he is his son and that Eve was deceived by the serpent who made her believe she slept with Death, causing her to abandon Cain when he was a baby.

Realizing his entire life had been a deception and had been Death's tool, Cain turns to attack the remaining humans when Natashi stands in his way. As Cain strikes a deathblow to Natashi, Eve shoves Natashi out of the way and is unintentionally struck down by her son Cain. Cain tragically kills his own mother. As Eve dies she embraces her son and through doing that breaks the curse of hatred God put on Cain, making Cain capable of love and forgiveness but most importantly human again.

Since Cain has been alleviated of his curse mark, his body slowly starts to age and die from all the wounds he had sustained in his life. Cain resolves that he doesn't have a place among the human race and asks Natashi to give him a good death and rid the world of his evil. Natashi and Cain enter into one final battle. Cain manages to overpower Natashi but ends up dying from loosing his curse mark of immortality.

Cain is buried between his parents, Adam and Eve, in the location where Paradise once was.

Cain was raised by demons and wicked spirits and his abilities stem from hate and the negative emotions and experiences in his life. Cain has the ability to peer into a persons soul and if he detects any hatred or sorrow in his foe, he can sync with that person and draw them into his own suffering. Cain's suffering goes beyond human understanding as Cain was cursed to an immortal life of suffering in which he couldn't even kill himself to escape his anguish. By drowning his foe into his dark world, Cain can bring any opponent into utter despair, where they lose all reason to live. After doing this the foe begs Cain to end their life.
Almost all mortals have suffering, hatred and unforgiveness in them and therefore cannot resist Cain's darkness. Cain's Darkness works like a virus. If it detects negative emotions in a person, Cain's Darkness spreads like a virus in that person's soul and consumes them completely until the individual loses themselves. Only a pure hearted individual can even look Cain in the eye, or hear his voice without being put under complete despair.

Cain was the first Necromancer, god of death or grim reaper, and is very advanced in Arts of the Dead. He was able to resurrect Adam and Eve from the dead.

As a pure son of Adam, Cain is capable of most of Adam's abilities latently, but being raised by demons and to believe he was the son of Death, Cain relies on dark powers to bring his foes into total submission without having to lift a finger.
Adam (Glorified State) by joeFJ
Adam (Glorified State)
Adam as he appears in his Glorified State during the final battle against Cain and Death in BRAWLZ: Return of the Messiah

Adam singlehandedly challenges Death and Cain in order to rid the world of their evil once and for all and to atone for his original sin. At the point of the final battle, most of mankind had been decimated by the Apocalypse, which Cain, under the guise of the Unnamed Man, inspired Adam and Eve into doing.

Now realizing his error Adam decides to atone for everything that has happened in the history of earth by sacrificing himself for the few children of his that are left on the Earth and to take Death and Cain with him to the grave.

To do this, Adam enters his Glorified State for the first and the last time in the entire series.

In his Glorified State Adam is essentially the mirror reflection of God Almighty and wields the same power. He is in his perfected state. However, since Adam fell and has a mortal body, his body cannot maintain the Glorified State, it's like trying to run an Eternal, Immortal entity in a finite body. Therefore Adam does die after expending the Glorified State.

Adam takes Death with him in the process. However he spares Cain... 

Adam explains that he had been saving his Glorified State up to this point, because as the first man he was supposed to be the Messiah, the Glorified State is the truest form of the Messiah. Eve is also capable of the state but since the two of them fell and became mortal, Adam kept that knowledge from Eve, unless she too also tried to use it and die as well. Adam holds himself exclusively responsible for everything that has happened on Earth.
Seth by joeFJ
Seth is a supporting character from BRAWLZ: Return of the Messiah

Seth is the biological father of Kento Kawasaki, and grandfather of Natashi. For unspecified reasons Seth left his son, Kento, at a very tender age with Kaima Kawasaki and the Kawasaki clan and he was raised as a Metrionian.

In the beginning, before Adam and Eve were driven out of Paradise, they had two sons. Cain and Abel. However Cain murdered Abel. Adam and Eve later had a third son and named him Seth. Seth went on to be the patriarch of modern mankind. Seth was believed to be the first Messiah.

In BRAWLZ: Return of the Messiah Seth appears during the Third Arc, after Kento Kawasaki was able to stop the Apocalypse. Seth warns the heroes that the man behind everything is his half brother, Cain. In BRAWLZ: Return of the Messiah, after Eve was seduced by the serpent she was led to Death, who came in the form of a man and slept with her. Eve bore a son to Death and he was named Cain. However Eve deserted Cain and left him in the wilderness and returned to Adam. Cain was raised by wild beasts, demons and Death, his father. When Cain was old enough, Death sent him to attack Paradise and he killed Abel. Cain was cursed by God with a mark that would make it impossible for him to be killed by mortals. With this curse Cain became like a wraith, appearing and disappearing mysteriously inciting evil as he was led by Death.

Seth was born years later, outside of Paradise. He spent his life's work tracking down Cain and thwarting his evil schemes. Seth claimed to have gathered enough intel to figure out that Cain was trying to resurrect his father, Death, as Kento had suspected. The heroes decide to follow Seth, who knows Cain's movements best and can track him down.

Once the heroes track Cain down, Seth engages into battle with him and defeats him. But as Seth is about to land a death blow, Adam knocks Seth out of the way. With the help of Eve who binds the rest of the heroes from interfering, Adam allows Cain to resurrect his father Death.

Adam does this because he knew Cain wanted revenge on Eve for abandoning him, and Adam also wanted revenge on both Cain and Death for killing his son Abel.

Adam and Death (who has merged with the body of Cain) engage in one final battle for the fate of the world. Adam forbids Eve from fighting Death and enters his Glorified form for the first time. However since Adam is no longer a god, his mortal body cannot sustain the glorified form, and entering it would kill him. Adam is prepared to sacrifice himself to destroy both Cain and Death to mend his error and save the world. 

But going back to Seth (hence this is his drawing and should be about him). Seth was the first Messiah, still is the Messiah and is the most successful Messiah God has ever chosen (given the fact that he never died even once since he was born). But you may ask, if Seth was such a fab Messiah then wtf was he when all this terrible stuff went down on earth?

Good question. Seth was that good a Messiah God had to devote him to one task, watching Cain. You see as the son of Death, Cain was the linchpin of evil for mankind. But Cain was tricky, he would never strike directly (apart from the time he openly killed Kento, whom he believed was Seth, the person watching him) he would always incite and then equip a second party to do evil and then disappear. Seth would watch Cain and study his movements. Cain did not always remain on Earth, infact he seldom did after attacking Paradise. He raise sons named Cainanites to spread chaos on earth and would leave. Seth did the same and raised Messiahs while he would pursue Cain wherever he went.

Seth is the Alpha Messiah, which means he is the one God consults when it comes to chosing a new Messiah, training them and so on. And after a Messiah has finished office, Seth is responsible for assessing their performance and how devoted they were to their mission. Seth is also in possessions of all the Anointing (God's unlimited power) and is responsible for how much is given to each Messiah. If Seth deems a Messiah used his or her anointing well, he will add more. If a Messiah, like Takashi abuses his office, Seth will either take away the anointing from that Messiah or ask God to permit him to raise another Messiah to replace the corrupted Messiah.

Seths skills are oriented around covert pursuit, instantaneous travel and energy or aura sensing. Seth has the ability of opening wormholes for which he uses to chase Cain wherever he travels to keep an eye on him. Seth can watch the world from the safety of the inside of a wormhole. Seth's fighting style revolves around using wormholes of which he can create anywhere. For example when throwing a punch, Seth will send his fist through a wormhole and then open another wormhole in front of his foes face, no matter how far his enemy is from him, Seth will hit them.

Seth's other ability is Universal sensing. By tapping into synch with the Universe, Seth can feel the vibrations of all matter, plasma or energy, from spirits to mortals and identify them on different wave lengths. Using this ability Seth can locate anything anywhere and determine how far, and where his target is, how strong they are, their vitality, and their rate of any measurement of data needed to be studied. Seth is an incredible strategist. He seldom ever fights with brute power, he fights with wit. If a stick is enough to beat his foe, that is what Seth will use, despite having God's unlimited power at his disposal.

Seth's trump card is his exclusive access to God's Anointing or Unlimited power. Unlike other Messiahs who must make due with the level of Anointing God has given them, as the Alpha Messiah Seth has all access to God's Unlimited power. But Seth never, and I mean never uses it, lest he corrupts himself. However if the need so arises Seth will help himself to it for the sake of saving others, which is his primary objective as a Messiah. As the Alpha Messiah, Seth believes he must set the example for his juniors, like Kento and Takashi. If Seth is fighting a foe he cannot beat, he will not use the Anointing just to win a fight unless others will die.

Now though Kento Kawasaki has somehow merged his energy with the Universe' and has access to an unlimited power similar to the Anointing, the Universe's power is exponentially less powerful than God's Power. This makes Kento somewhere around the fourth or fifth most powerful character in BRAWLZ: Return of the Messiah after the likes of Adam (Glorified state), Death, Seth, Cain, Natashi/Natasha
The Unnamed Man by joeFJ
The Unnamed Man
The Unnamed Man is one of the main villains of BRAWLZ: Return of the Messiah

The Unnamed Man is a mystery. He has only appeared twice in the entire story and is the mastermind behind a lot of nefarious events.

During the first arc the Unnamed Man appeared suddenly at the very peak of the battle of the Final Genesis and killed Kento Kawasaki in one blow. He then disappeared without assuming seat of Messiah.

During the second arc, the Unnamed Man resurrects Adam and Eve, summons Hades the angel of death as well as Death Secunda. He then disappears again.

At the end of the third arc, Kento returns and ends the Apocalypse and warns Adam that an unknown individual has been manipulating the Earth since the beginning and was the one responsible for Adam and Eve's resurrection and inspired them to start the Apocalypse. Kento claims he can understand every creature in the universe, except for Death, who Zeth killed back in Brawlz the original story, and this Unnamed Man. Kento states that the Unnamed Man's intention is to create chaos and confusion but his ultimate goal is yet unknown.

Kento believes this Unnamed Man is trying to resurrect Death.

The Unnamed Man has no pedigree, biography, or background that can be traced. He appears, does something and then vanishes. 
He has great power seen as he was able to one shot the Messiah, and resurrect Adam and Eve.
His true intentions are yet to be disclosed but it is strongly believed that he is a servant of Death.


Christie Monteiro by joeFJ
Sadida by joeFJ
Erza Scarlet by joeFJ
Ariel by joeFJ
PM me the character of your choice and expect something like the ones above. We can discuss the price, I am flexible. Cheers



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