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First of all, just from looking at the breadth of your work within this set (of Mega evolutions) there has been consistency in three ca...

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All Time Faves: Zero by joeFJ
All Time Faves: Zero
Wow. Now this guy I got a lot to say. Zero is my hero. I am a big big big Megaman Zero fan.

From head to toe I simply adore Zero's MMZ design. Inti Creates unique art style is what made fall in love with this franchise more than any other Megaman series. But to get into the character of Zero, Zero is the original antiheroesque protagonist, not motivated by aspirations of good or evil but rather personal instinct. There are good guys, bad guys and Zero. He's really cool. Now Megaman Zero as a videogame was fun mainly because of its story and characters for me. My biggest regret is that it never made it to the silver screens of anime. I know there are many of us out there who would love to see an anime adaptation one. The closest we ever got to that were the three MMZ promos released before their respective games. Watching those promos made me an even bigger fan and desire an anime even. But alas it never happened. Anyway, lets get into Zero. At the start of MMZ Zero is released from a century or so long slumber by a scientist named Ciel and saves her from the hounds of Neo Arcadia. Cut a long story short during Zero's slumber X passed away and was replaced by a Copy X who wanted to persecute all reploids. Zero battles through hordes of bosses to defend the resistance until eventually reaching and defeating Copy X. 

In this pic Zero is charging up his z buster and Z saber for a charged attack.
All Time Faves: Goku by joeFJ
All Time Faves: Goku
Essay time.

Now this is Goku here. This isn't your average joe. This is a character that defined an entire genre of entertainment and generations of fans. I mean. Goku may no longer be the most powerful character in anime but he will always be the most legendary. Anyway that was my little spiel on Goku in broad terms. Super Saiya-jin 3 Goku on the other hand is an utter fangasm for me. I love SSJ3 Goku from his iconic browlessness and longer than lion mane hair to his serious personality contrary to Goku's typical disposition. SSJ3 Goku made three appearances in the original manga and one final one during the cataclysmic climax of Dragon Ball where Goku and Vegeta were pitted against the malevolent Majin Buu (known as Kid Buu). I always enjoyed the super saiyan continuity and rankings and SSJ 3 has always been my favorite because of its design and power and its rare occurence amongst characters.  Canonly speaking only two saiyans ever achieved SSJ 3 but I would say only Goku really did because Gotenks is a fusion which goes to show Goku has the equivalent latent power that is produced by a fusion. Anyways thats only my opinion. My favorite SSJ 3 moments include Goku's battle with the nefarious Janemba in which he lost ultimately because he ran out of SSJ 3 and his battle with Hirudegarn where Goku even outdid Mystic Gohan. These were ofcourse noncanon appearances therefore it isn't sure that Goku was stronger than Gohan. In other media, whenever it came to playing DBZ games SSJ3 Goku would be my first pick. He is hands down my fave character in Dragon Ball next to Vegito and SSJ4 Goku.

But on a side I just noticed that all my all time fave's have long hair =D 
All Time Faves: Kenpachi by joeFJ
All Time Faves: Kenpachi
Between Kenpachi and Madara... I have the hardest time in the world determining who is my fave. Both OP as heck tho. However Kenpachi's personality appeals more to me. 

Just to mention a word or two about Kenpachi and why I'm such a big fan of his. I think Kenpachi is an amazing character, a masterpiece of a character. He has two primary characteristics. In battle when he goes feral and does all he can to get maximum satisfaction out of it and in his role as 11th Division Captain where he is more mild mannered but still commanding the utmost respect of his subordinates. Kenpachi in raw strength is the strongest shinigami. I love the fact by barely gleaning the surface of his true potential he is able to harness so much destructive power. Then he takes off his eyepatch... and now he learned shikai... all that's left is bankai and Saitama has a challenger =D. Just imagine a Kenpachi who fought alongside his zanpakuto and harnessed his true power completely like Ichigo has learned. Wow. My favorite scenes of Kenpachi include his introduction battle with Ichigo which though an interesting fight had a unexpected outcome which ended in a draw because Kenpachi only fought with brute strength whereas Ichigo fought alongside his zanpakutou Zangetsu. My next favorite Kenpachi scene is his battle with captains Tosen and Komamura and kicking both their butts. But by far the best Kenpachi scene yet was his fight with Noitra where he showed us an inch of his true potential ater removing the eye patch that restrains his power. Kendo. A two armed thrust. The epic thing about Kenpachi is how he allows himself to be hacked up and covered in wounds to the peril of his own life and not being fazed. I also love when he told Noitra "Your Reiatsu is making me hard" just like Kenpachi to get interested at an opponent with unimaginable power. But by far my favorite characteristic of Kenpachi is when he gets bored with a fight and just walks away from a battle. After landing a Kendo strike on Noitra and leaving the dude in a hacked up mess he says he is bored as an excuse to not kill Noitra. And Noitra demands him to finnish what he started but Kenpachi refrains until Noitra forces Kenpachi to end his miserable existence. For sake of spoilers I wont mention recent manga specific scenes. Kenpachi is the man.
All Time Faves: Madara by joeFJ
All Time Faves: Madara I'm actually really surprised at how well this came out. Once again was trying to go for something different and it worked, gladly. Anywho. Madara. You guys are looking at my favorite character in the history of characters. Why? I don't know, Madara just is. That's all.

Revered as a god of ninja Madara is one of the most powerful shinobi to have ever walked the earth. He is also founder of Konohagakure, the village hidden in the leaves (he's the one who came up with the name). Anyway why do I love Madara so much? I love the fact that he isn't naive, we have too much of that in certain characters. He's really confident and sees himself in a superior light. But what made me truly fall in love with this character is the anime scene where Madara singlehandedly takes on the entire Allied Shinobi force and whoops their butts both royaly and epicly. I mean the part where he was surrounded from all sides and his sharingan went wild and detected all movements was cray! I love his signature fire move Fire Release: Great Fire Annihilation (lit. Magestic Destroyer Flame. Katon: Gouka Mekkyaku) which countered a Water Release: Waterwall (Lit. Suiton Seijihegi) of multiple shinobi. I mean there are so many scenes I can mention. When he caught an explosive note kunai from his blind spot ripped the note off attached to his enemy and returned the kunai to the thrower. Then activating a Rinnegan using its power to manipulate the gravitational pull of the earth to bring down two meteorites on the Shinobi Alliance Then being the third person alive to possess Mokuton release. Just wow. Madara is the original anime boss. I love him.

Listening to: Michael Jackson-Blood on the Dancefloor and watching Madara whoop some ass…
I need to draw Kenpachi and Madara. That is all


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